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The way to making Diamond Necklaces

There is a long way from the unrefined form of the diamond when it is extracted from the depth of earth, to the gorgeous sparkles of diamond necklaces one admires in jewelry shops. The value of diamond necklaces surpasses that of many other jewels, and the logical explanation of this incredible appreciation lies in the exquisite properties of the “invincible” stone. Treasured as great gemstones, particularly in ancient India, diamonds have a wide range of applications in industry and economy, not just in fashion. The way to evaluate diamond necklaces is by interpreting features such as clarity, carat, cut and color; if all these parameters are met, the value of a diamond is extremely high.

Most diamond necklaces use stones extracted from South Africa, a geographical area responsible for almost half the world's diamond presence. However, such precious mineral resources have also been discovered in Russia, Brazil, Australia and India; they come in a variety of colors, but brown and yellow are most frequently encountered and therefore, the least expensive of all types. The blacker the diamond, the higher the level of impurities in the structure; this explains why the purest are also the most money-worth of all.

Diamonds are widely used in industry for cutting, shaping or polishing, and the only relevant features here include hardness and heat conductivity; color or purity definitely mean nothing under the circumstances. On the other hand, diamond necklaces are made of carefully selected stones, and they represent only 20% of the world production, since a complex process of selection is required in order to choose only the most proper mineral forms to be transformed into jewels. There are special conditions to be met in the diamond commerce. First of all, we need to mention the fact that they are definitely traded on a different scale than regular silver, gold or even platinum jewelry.
There are specialized stores from where you can purchase diamond necklaces or ask for evaluations of jewelry items. The acquisition possibility only starts at four figure prices, but there are cases when diamond necklaces receive incredible quotes, being accessible to a very select and incredibly rich customer category. There is one simple way to tell whether a jewel is for your pocket or not: look at the dimensions of the stones; the larger they are, the higher their price. Consequently, the smaller the diamonds, the less expensive the necklaces will be.   


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