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The Blue Sapphire Titanic necklace is a symbol of love and long-life remembrance of a beloved one

When watching the Titanic, many ladies must have been charmed by the diamond necklace the heroine wore. Named The Heart of the Ocean, the blue sapphire is a symbol of love and long-life remembrance of a beloved one. After the great success of this Oscar winning movie, many jewels manufacturers created more or less expensive replicas of the Titanic necklace; presently such models can be ordered online, or even purchased from regular stores for lower or higher prices depending on the quality of the stone. The blue heart of the Titanic necklace is usually made of refined crystals, and only in the most expensive of variants, a real sapphire is used.

As they say: “your heart will go on” but only for about $40, thus leaving your wallet almost untouched. The  makes an excellent gift, but always make sure to check the execution style and the materials the chain is made of. Like any other neck jewelry, the Titanic necklace could expose the user to skin rashes and allergies if the manufacturer doesn't respect a quality standard. Always avoid nickel alloys for jewelry, since they are the most likely to trigger adverse skin reactions.

After the appearance of the movie all sorts of rumors could be read in the press regarding the props used for the Titanic necklace. Some magazines even wrote that the jewel was made of white gold and a 56-carat sapphire surrounded by several other clear diamonds applied on both the pendant and the chain. Regardless of what things may have been like, the fact remains that the Titanic necklace is still very much fashionable even if quite a number of years have passed since the film hit the box office. Nevertheless, an exact replica of the Heart of the Ocean may not be within the reach of someone on a tight budget.

If you think about ordering a less costly replica of the Titanic necklace it would be a good idea to actually know what the real thing really looked like. Size, stone dimensions, chain length and even the materials need to be discussed in details with the jeweler before you actually order the necklace. Sparky crystals or rhinestones could successfully be used for the matter, so, you could get yourself a great necklace and for a very reasonable price. If the main stone is not good quality it will not reflect light properly; consequently it is highly important that it be made at least of crystal.

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