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Handcrafted Jewelry and Domino Necklaces

Handcrafted jewelry is probably one of the most popular trends of our times, people wear it on various occasions from casual to very formal with the feeling that they are unique and stylish at the same time. All the more appreciation goes to those who are capable of making their own jewels, by collaging and using all sorts of small disparate objects. This is how domino necklaces appeared: there is elegance and beauty in the lack of uniformity specific to domino necklaces, they reflect creativity and perseverance. Who would have thought that some domino pieces for instance, with which you may have spent hours playing, will one day be worn around the neck?

Depending on the color of the domino necklaces, they are more or less reminders of some forms of folk art. There is a variety of styles specific to this type of jewelry: some bear the influence of pop culture, some others of art, not to mention that abstract pieces are held in high esteem. Furthermore, though we are used to calling them domino necklaces, some of them are not necessarily made of the actually game pieces, but rather of a variety of multi-colored “stones” tied together on a special ribbon. Such “domino necklaces” easily combine swarowski crystals, coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli and more.

If you want to purchase domino necklaces you'll be easily tempted to get a look at the domino ear rings too; they are usually in the same set, as it is very difficult to match such a necklace with any other type of jewelry. Many people are even interested in manufacturing their own domino necklaces at home, and if you have the curiosity, a short search on the Internet will bring you all the details about what to do next and what steps to follow in order to be satisfied with the result.

The prices for domino necklaces vary from a few to over a hundred dollars, depending on the stones that have been used in the design. You'll definitely expect to pay more for some jewelry that includes semiprecious stones or gems, than for some plastic or wood domino pieces. The material they are made of seldom spoils the beauty of the design and the interest the buyer has in such a combination of art and decorative accessories. Look for your old dominoes, maybe some day, you'll want to try your hand at jewelry design too!


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